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월요일 23 9월 2013

September 23, 2013-First day of pride for BISEXUAL.

Bisexuals will celebrate today their pride of being on the planet.
This date will highlight the fact that there is in the world , people who are sexually attracted to partners of the same sex and the opposite sex at the same time.

This reality that we can not deny is the fact that billions of people who did not dare to show but now officially come out .

It is only recently that studies have shown and proven this phenomenon quite natural.

The most famous Kinsey in the U.S. and recently Dr. Balthazart Belgium. There are plenty of other researches around the world on the subject and the more explicit are those that establish the range of sexuality in explaining to the two poles are homosexuality and heterosexuality at 100% and that between the two poles are all possible sexual attractions to both sexes at different levels.

Since the beginning of his seminars in 1975 and before science proved it, Maitreya Rael taught this at his Happiness Academy taking place on the five continents.

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